About Us

Company Overview

MEAT is a Mexican, state-of-the-art, food processing plant that originated in Guadalajara City, in the western area of our country.
Since its foundation in the year 2000, it’s been offering products with excellent flavor and the highest quality. Our constant focus on food processing safety has led us to become leaders in the elaboration of BBQ ribs and homemade-like stews.
Proud of its origin, respectful of the environment, and always paying close attention to market innovations, MEAT characterizes by offering fully cooked products that are quick and easy to prepare, but also by offering a unique flavor that evokes those homemade family meals so much appreciated by all of us.
MEAT is a Federal Inspection Type plant (TIF by its acronym in Spanish), no. 263, and certified ISO 22000:2005, which enables us to provide quality and safety products at national as well as international levels.
Consolidated among customers, suppliers and partners, at MEAT we work enthusiastically and we are committed to maintain our efforts to keep growing together.  

Our Mission

We transform food by offering innovative, added-value, quick-and-easy-to-prepare products at competitive prices that satisfy global markets by achieving chain profitability.
Our state-of-the-art quality assurance systems ensure the safety of our products.

Our Vision

By 2012 we will become our clients’ preferred provider by offering pork, beef and chicken products with added-value cuts, properties as well as preparations.
We will process 1,000,000 kilograms per month, which will result in an optimal use of our finances; we will lead the United States, Asia, Central and South America markets, and we will count on top technology and qualified personnel, as well as the support of different certifications. Being always respectful of the environment, we will mark our presence in different aspects of the social life of our community.

Our Values

Always work with the truth by acting according to our statements and beliefs.
Elaborate quality products.
Work as one team with our personnel, customers and suppliers.
Food Safety
Guarantee product safety to our customers.
Comply as an organization to perform our work consciously, always looking after the resources and the environment, promoting an atmosphere of respect and creating honorable sources of employment.

Food Safety Policy

At our company we are aware of and committed to food safety and achieving our clients’ satisfaction by developing, processing and commercializing added-value, meat food products, as part of a systematic improvement process, abiding by legal and regulatory requirements of the food industry.